Projects ( Class LKG – Std. 5)

Project work for LKG (2020-2021)

Note: The projects carry 20 marks each.




•Children will make flash cards of the alphabets I, l, t, j, h, k, y, f 

• Paste two pictures which starts with it e.g, they will paste picture of a hat and a hen 

• Use  kg sheets in square shape and do this project(size of a square notebook)




•lMake the number cards from  1 to 10…

• Use card board or mount board in square shape and write the numbers neatly using cereals, pulses ,wool ,sand or buttons.




• Draw 5 sense organs on cardboard, mount board or paper plate 

• label them and also draw five emogies that express five different emotions using these sense organs.



Methodology :M ake a letter board using different colours from   से तक 



Motilal Nehru Public School

Project work for UKG (2020-2021)

Note: The projects carry 20 marks each.


Draw five trees for five vowels. Each tree will represent one vowel. Inside each tree  write three rhyming words along with the pictures relating to the respective vowel tree.


 Make a chart on do’s and don’ts on classroom safety. Draw a line and divide the chart paper into two halves, list five do’s and don’ts. Paste pictures or draw or signs for elaborating and better understanding.


   Make different flowers by using different shapes. Use colour papers and  cut them into different shapes like circle, square, triangle, rectangle hexagon, oval etc .then use these shapes to make different flowers . For each flower write the name of the shapes below th used for making the flower.

  1. HINDI PROJECT :  दस तीन अक्षर वाले और चार अक्षर वाले शब्दों का समूह बनायें और कौन      से कौन से अक्षर कितनी बार इस्तेमाल हुए, उनकी सूचि अलग से बनायें (MUST DO IN  HINDI NOTEBOOK)

Project work for Std 1 (2020-2021)

(NOTE – Each project carries 20 marks and it should be done in the school notebook of the particular subject).

1. English language-Stick pictures of five words starting with vowels and consonants and make sentences in your own words.

2. English literature- Make five book marks containing the meaning of difficult words from the chapter “Sheena’s first painting”.

3. Computer- Draw or stick pictures of any five types of machines which are wireless in nature but we use it in our day to day life and write its uses.

4. Maths- Stick five different shapes with coloured paper and draw one object of each shape    (circle, square, oval and rectangle).

5. EVS- Make a collage using photographs of your family members and write five lines about your favorite member.

6. G.K-Stick pictures of the correct steps of hand washing and write the benefits of washing hands for 20 seconds.

7. Hindi literature- Stick  pictures of herbs used as medicine in our daily life and write their  name in hindi (any 10)

8. Hindi language –Write the counting from 1 to 20 in Hindi and stick pictures of our body part that  expresses that number e.g ..ek naak, do haath etc..

Project work for Std 2 (2020-2021)

(NOTE – Each project carries 20 marks and it should be done in the school notebook of the particular subject).

1.English language– Make an album with the caption “Picture book on Alphabets and sentences”.

 Stick pictures on any 10 alphabets and frame a sentence with it. 

2.English literature- Select 5 words from the poem “the Swing” and frame sentences with it.

Read the chapter “Chicken Licken” and select 10 words from chapter and write its synonyms and anttonyms.

Stick a picture from the chapter “Chicken licken” and write the moral of the story.

3.Computer – Open Notepad on the computer, make your book list and mention total pages of each book. (Use all keys of the key board). Take a hard copy of it and paste it in your notebook.

4.EVS – List down all the external and internal organs of our body and note down their functions (including sense organs)  

5.G.K – Select any 5 sports played in India and paste picture of a famous Indian player associated with the mentioned sports. Write the name of the player and also the awards won by him or her (national or international level)

6.Maths – Make solid or flat shape puppets using colorful papers and threads and use different emotions like smileys on it and write beautiful caption for each shape.

7.HindLanguage-अ से लेकर अं की मात्राओ से दो दो शब्द लिखे और उनके चित्र चिपकाए। 

8.Hindi Literature- पक्षियों की अजब दुनिया यूट्यूब पर देखे और पक्षियों के विषय में दस वाक्य लिखे….किन्ही दो पक्षियों के चित्र भी चिपकाए ।

Projects for STD 3 (2020-2021)

[Note: These projects will be evaluated as first unit test. All the projects should be done in the school notebook and each carries 20 marks.]


Write or stick a paragraph of ten sentences in your notebook.

a.. Frame five questions from the above paragraph 

b.. Pick out five sentences and divide them into subject and predicate


If you had the chance to keep an unusual pet, which animal would you keep and why. Also stick or draw your choice. Write about it within 100 words.


Stick pictures of any five toys of your choice and write their cost in figures as well as in words.


Prepare a report on Corona virus – How to stay healthy? Stick pictures and and write down few major points to take preventive measures. Home advisory for young and old.


Make a project on family structure, making a triple fold card (big in size) showing in the middle family tree with the picture of your family members and other two sides a pictorial representation of changes that has taken place over the time in our food and clothing. 


Make a colourful collage on, How internet helps us to do many things..


Write the reason and impact of the clap activity that was carried out in our country  on 22ndMarch 2020 and stick relevant pictures

8. हिन्दी भाषा –नीचे दी गयी बोलियां भारत के किन जिलों में बोली जाते हैं- अवधी ब्रजभाषा कनौजी

 बुंदेली,भोजपुरी,हरियाणवी,कुमाउनी ,मगही,खोरठा और मालवी

9. हिन्दी साहित्य -प्रथम पांच राष्ट्रपतियों के विषय में लिखें तथा उनके चित्र चिपकाएं —नाम शिक्षा और उनके कार्यकाल 

Project work for Std 4 (2020-2021)

Note: These projects will be evaluated as first unit test. All the projects should be done in the school notebook and each carries 20 marks.]

  1. Mathematics–   Stick pictures of any five electrical appliances used in your home and write their cost in figure as well as in words.
  2. English I – Prepare charts on tenses, articles and subject and predicate with pictures. Write a paragraph on what are you doing at home when school has been closed for“ Corona Virus.”
  3. English II– Read the chapter“ Uncle Ken” then write five lines on author Ruskin Bond. Also name the characters of the story including pets, insects and write a line on each.
  4. Social Studies– Collect ten old coins write the information about these coins also stick pictures. Read a short story from“ Panchatantra” also write the title of the story, moral of the story and stick picture of the same.
  5. Computer-In MS WORD, write a story of your own choice and make required changes related to font, size and colour also stick a hard copy in your notebook.
  6. Science-Make a food pyramid model or draw a food pyramid where they need to show all seven essential nutrients in our body and mention their functions in our body.
  7. General Knowledge- Make a report that Indian Government has taken to terminate the “Corona Virus” from spreading in India.
  8. Hindi languageकिसी भी 10 देशों और उनकी भाषाओं के नाम लिखें। इंटरनेट से खोजें (चीन, जापान, रूस, इंग्लैंड और

जर्मनी के अलावा अन्य देशों के नाम चुनें

9 Hindi Literature– इन देशों के मुख्य त्योहारों को लिखें:

1. जापान

2. इटली

3. थाईलैंड

4. पेरू

5. रूस (सेंट पीटर्सबर्ग)

6. ब्राजील

7. स्पेन

8. भारत

9. नीदरलैंड

10. कोलंबियाSanskrit– पांच फलों और  पांच पशुओं के चित्र चिपकाएं तथा उनके नाम हिंसी और सनाकृत में लिखे

Project work for Std 5 (2020-2021)

NOTE: Each project carries 20 marks and all projects should be done in school notebook

English LanguageWrite a short play with four characters. Each character will speak only one type of    sentence. While writing the play each type of sentence needs to be represented twice.

English literature-Write what do you think happened to Alice after she fell on the heap of dried leaves and sticks. The word limit should not exceed 100 words.

MathematicsStick Xerox of any five bank cheques and write the money in different numbers in lakhs and crores. Avoid putting zero in any place in the numbers.

Science-Find out different types of joints and bones in our body and search on internet and find out four diseases related with bones and joints and note down all the facts.

ComputerCreate an “All About Me” slide show in Power Point. In that you can share your fun facts, goals, likes etc. and stick the hard copy in your notebook.

General KnowledgeMap the  about the journey of Corona virus from china to India andalso find the  difference between epidemic and pandemic.

Social studiesSearch the internet to gather information about the Archeological Source and Evidence in early human life:

  • tools
  • Fossils
  • pottery and jewellery
  • Old buildings and Monuments
  • Coins                        Write few lines on the following topics and stick pictures.
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Sanskrit पांच अनाजों और बर्तनो  के संस्कृत में  नाम लिखो और उनके चित्र चिपकाओ