Innovation Day at MNPS (ATL)

On the occasion of Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Jayanti and “Atal Innovation Day” Motilal Nehru Public School has organized a host of interschool activities.

The occasion was marked by various interesting activities throughout the day.

The day started with a session on ‘21st Century skills” for classes 11 and 12, taken by Mr. Souvik Saha, notable social worker and owner of the N.G.O. ‘ People for Change ‘. In was followed by another session on ‘ Imagination is intelligence having fun ‘ for classes 9,10 and 11, taken up by Dr. Shantanu Chakrobarty, a retired Tata Steel officer and accomplished scientist.

This was followed by displaying activities and models in the school’s Tinkering lab – ‘Come, Let’s tinker’ by both junior and senior students of the school. Students of some local schools were also invited to participate in the programme.

The programme was held to create awareness in the community about innovation and creativity.

There were some guided activities by the moderators of the Tinkering Lab handholding students of the guest schools as well as of the host school. Some outstanding models were – ‘ Back Pusher Plane, Robotic obstacle avoiding car, Hydraulic bridge, Blind smart stick and Radar.

It was a fun-filled day where students showed a lot of interest and enthusiasm.