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Science Activity at MNPS

Science activity to Explore, Engage and Entertain


Science activity is conducted with the objective that children are able to explore, engage and learn. Keeping this objective in mind the following activities were conducted.

LKG / UKG – Easy whistle from straw and stabbing a potato with straw.

Std. I      –   Rocket Balloon.

Std. II   –   Balloon  in a bottle.

Std. III –  Invisible Ink.

Std. IV  –  Toy Parachute.

Std. V  –   Hovercraft.


Learning Outcome :

  • Experiment encouraged, curiosity.
  • Children developed their observation skills.
  • Students explored man-made environment.
  • Understood causes and effect through various materials.
  • Developed an inquisitive mind.


Fire Safety Worshop


Glimpses of Fire safety workshop  at MNPS.

Pink patrol for security

Pink patrol for security of girls/women.

    Those who feel insecure at any time can call the number given