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Annual Awards Ceremony

School Cabinet Inducted 2018

School Cabinet (2018-19)








                                                         School Cabinet (2018-19)
S.P.L       Nidhi Singh  XII – B   Yellow
A.S.P.L  Akash Kumar   XII – B    Yellow
Mohammad Asad Reyaz  XI  – A     Red
Cabinet Members
Sl. Names Class Section          House
1 Piyush Kumar XII A                    Yellow
2 Prince Kumar Soni XII A                     Blue
3 Abhishek Tiwary XII A                     Blue
4 Vishal Raj XII A                     Blue
5 Pravin Sharma XII B                     Green
6 Ankit Kumar Singh XII C                     Yellow
7 Harsh XII B                     Yellow
8 Aashtha Kumari XII A                     Yellow
9 Amrita Srivastava XI B                     Red
10  Aqsa Zabeen XI B                     Blue
11 Shourya Shekhar XI B                     Red
12 Sneha Shruti XI B                     Red
13 Anshika Raghuvanshi XI B                     Red
1 Ifra Zainab XII C Green
2 Priya XII B Yellow
3 Nisha Kumari XII B Yellow
4 Shana Perween XII C Yellow
5 Ayushi Kumari XI C Blue
6 Dibyani Goswami XI C Red
7 Aastha XI C Blue
8 Kumari Shilpi XI C Blue
9 Shagufa Naushad XI B Green
Captains and Vice Captains
Captain  Siddhant Kumar XII   B  `Blue
Vice Captain Riya Raj Jha XI B      Blue
Captain  Pallavi Kumari XII  C    Yellow
Vice Captain Alekhya Singh XII   C     Yellow
Captain  Priyanshu Kumari XII  B    Green
Vice Captain Atiya Fatima XI   B     Green
Captain  Vivek Kumar Singh XII C     Red
Vice Captain Adan Zia XI B      Red

May Day Celebration

May Day Celebration 

Motilal Nehru Public School celebrated May Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. There was a lively programme put up by the students by way of a short cultural programme. The programme began with a welcome speech and lighting of the lamp. Games were organized for the staff and prizes were given. Principal Mrs. Ashu Tiwary spoke  to them about dignity  of labor and that the school valued each one of them for what they are. Various games were organised and the prize  winners were  Mallika, Kaushalaya, Davki, Pushpa, Mansa and  Bharat.


Geographical Field Trip to AMD Lab


Motilal Nehru Public School organised a geographical field trip for Std. X to Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research of Khasmahal on 26.04.2018, as a part of their curriculum Nuclear Power. It was an enriching programme for them. The students were taken to the Chemistry, Physics and Remote Sensing laboratories to know about the detection of nuclear are in the earth, the percentage of mineral present in the ore and its processing. The scientist also explained about the safe disposal of the nuclear waste. According to Ankit Singh of Std. X, “We learnt about some interesting facts of nuclear power. It helped us to clear our doubts regarding the hazardous effects of nuclear energy.”


Science Activity at MNPS

Science activity to Explore, Engage and Entertain


Science activity is conducted with the objective that children are able to explore, engage and learn. Keeping this objective in mind the following activities were conducted.

LKG / UKG – Easy whistle from straw and stabbing a potato with straw.

Std. I      –   Rocket Balloon.

Std. II   –   Balloon  in a bottle.

Std. III –  Invisible Ink.

Std. IV  –  Toy Parachute.

Std. V  –   Hovercraft.


Learning Outcome :

  • Experiment encouraged, curiosity.
  • Children developed their observation skills.
  • Students explored man-made environment.
  • Understood causes and effect through various materials.
  • Developed an inquisitive mind.