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Pupil of the Week Award

Parents – get aware

The school has initiated the Pupil of the Week Award for classes I to V. One student is selected PER class per week on the following parameters.

  • Adherence to value of the month
  • Discipline
  • Assignments up to date

Encourge your child to be a winner !

PRAYAS – 2017

DSC_4452 DSC_4469 DSC_4684 DSC_4928

Results of  “PRAYAS 2017” are as follows:-


Overall: –

Winner – Little Flower School


Runner Up – Kerela Samajan Model school


Best Discipline School:- Carmel Junior College



Event name Winner Ist Runner Up 2nd Runner Up
CANTARE Loyola Little flower school KSMS English School
DEBATTIMENTO Carmel Junior College Loyola Little flower school
CONFECTIONER (Junior) Loyola JH Tarapore Dhatkidih DBMS kadma
CONFECTIONER (Senior) Loyola DBMS kadma JH Tarapore Dhatkidih
ACT DE MIME RVS academy KSMS hindi Narbheram Hansraj
PISTE DE DANSE Jusco school south park RVS academy DBMS



Event name Winner Ist Runner Up 2nd Runner Up
SENARVO Church School St John MNPS
ALCAZAR Narbheram Hansraj Hill Top AIWC
MAQUESTTISME Carmel Junior College Little flower school RVS academy
PHOTOMONTAGE Little flower school DPS DBMS
SCOPERTA Little flower school Church School KPS kadma
CRUZADAS RVS academy Little flower school St merry English school
HERSTELLUNG Little flower school JH Tarapore DBMS


School Cabinet Inducted 2017

School Cabinet (2017-18)









S.P.L             Saket Kumar       XII A

A.S.P.L         Akash Kumar                        XI A


Captains and Vice Captains

Captain Shoaib Hassan            XII   B  `Blue

Vice Captain Siddhant Kumar                       XI B       Blue


Captain Vikash Pandey                                 XII  B    Yellow

Vice Captain Sameer Srivastava  XI   B    Yellow


Captain Kashish Khan      XII  C    Green

Vice Captain Priyanshu Kumari       XI B       Green


Captain Avinash Singh    XII C     Red

Vice Captain Vivek Kumar Singh             XI A      Red


Cabinet Members

Sl. Names Class Section          House
1 Shagufa XII B                    Green
2 Purnima Prasad XII B                    Blue
3 Shumayla Kamal XII B                    Green
4 Mehndi Raza XII C                    Blue
5 Harshita Kumari XII C                     Green
6 Md. Azan XII C                     Blue
7 Pragati Goswami XII A                     Yellow
8 Riya Singh XI A                      Yellow
9 Amima Kashish XI B                      Blue
10 Harsh XI B                      Yellow
11 Priya XI B                      Yellow








  1. Fasiha Anjum XII B   Green


  1. Warisha Zainab XII B Blue


  1. Ambika KUmari XII B Yellow


  1. Vikash Pandey XII B Yellow


  1. Ashutosh Sharma XII C Blue


  1. Zoha Adil XI C Blue


  1. Ifra Zainab  XI C Green


  1. Vignesh XI C Red


  1. Pallavi Kumari XI C Yellow


  1. Pravin Sharma  XI C Green


  1. Alekhya XI C Yellow