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Motilal Nehru Public School Bags awards at Confluence, Lucknow

Motilal Nehru Public School Bags awards at Lucknow

A 10 students team led by Teachers Mr. Chandra Shekhar and Mrs. Kiran Dubey have bagged the overall runner-up trophy at Confluence, 2019 organised from 4th December to 7th December by Indra Nagar branch of the prestigious chain of City Montessori school, Lucknow.

The students Rounak Mishra, Harsh Kumar, Akanksha Dubey, Mritunjay Tiwari, Yash Sinha, Tanisha Verma, Devesh Kumar Jha, Kritika Kumari, Akshansh Ranjan, Muskan Burnwal depicted performances on the theme “World is One”. This inter school event saw the participation of 15 countries. The team was highly impressed with the CMS motto  “JAI JAGAT” . The team presented their model with great dexterity. Teacher Mr. Chandra Shekhar said that participation of students in such events promote unity which is a global concern these days.

“CEO of The Day”



E-Cell is the biggest platform connecting students to entrepreneurial endeavours’  and to pledge to take entrepreneurship in India to larger scales.

The E-Cell programme was organized by Motilal Nehru Public School on 16th November, 2019 in which 71 students and 17 renowned schools of the town participated. The motto of the E-Cell, 2019 programme was to felicitate and recognize the real change makers, who dared to step out of their comfort zone to bring a positive change towards betterment of mankind.

‘RIYADA and AMAAL’ were the two activities based on present day problem solving followed by ‘SAMUH CHARCHA’ (group discussion) to defend themselves. ‘MERA SAKSHATKAR’ was a personal interview of all the participants.

The efforts of all the deserving students was recognized at the ‘LAUREL CEREMONIAL’. The first prize announced was ‘A TRIP TO SINGAPORE’. A trip to I.I.T Kharagpur was fully sponsored for the second prize winner and there were participation prizes for all with 50% sponsorship as a trip to IIT Kharagpur.

The prizes were given away by Dr. Sunil Kumar Sarangi of X.L.R.I. . On the occasion Dr. Sarangi said “Transcend your own imagination and plunge into entrepreneurship”.

Hon. Secretary, School Managing Committee Dr. D.P. Shukla was also present.

At the end of the event there was a lucky draw for the participants. The Vote of Thanks was given by the Principal, Mrs. Ashu Tiwary. The programme ended with the National Anthem.

Singapore Trip Winners :       Gorthi Shanmukha Vishnu – Little Flower School

                                                       Debrati Pal    – Little Flower School

                                                       Ananta Bose  – Jamshedpur Public School

                                                       Smriti Upasana – Jamshedpur Public School

Lucky Draw Winners :-                 Priyanshu Mukherjee

                                                            Anchal Bhattacharjee

                                                            Noorain Fatima

                                                            Anjali Kumari

                                                            Ashish Tiwari

                                                            Arya Raj Shukla

“Try It Out”


(An exhibition with a difference)

‘Try it Out’ an exhibition with a difference was held in Motilal Nehru Public School on Wednesday,23rd October,2019, in the school premises. This exhibition showcased out –of-the-box ideas, where the students got an opportunity to explore and innovate and give free vent to their creativity. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Chief Guest for the morning  Mr V. S. Rana, Chairman, School Managing Committee.

This event, which was the brainchild of the Principal,  Mrs. Ashu Tiwary, was meant to ensure that the students get ready to lead, transform and find solutions to problems faced by mankind. Each team, comprising students from Class3 to 12, had a teacher to mentor and encourage them.

The tiny tots of the Pre-primary were not far behind and they displayed their creativity in the Art and Craft exhibition of the drawings and worksheets which were also on display.

The focus of the exhibition was to let the students explore and innovate beyond the routine models found in text books. The students became aware of the problems and tried to find solutions. Varied models on a wide range of topics were skillfully displayed. The Juniors models were on:

  1. Bringing cultures together

  2 .Man  and the moon.

  3.150 years of the Mahatma

  4.Science  is fun                           

The Seniors  models were based on the following topics:

  1. Digital Literacy
  2. Organic Concepts
  3. Sustainability
  4. Shared dreams, Bright futures.
  5. India—–‘the food basket of the world’

The students deftly handled the questions put to them by a distinguished panel of judges comprising Mrs Sangita Chatrath, Science teacher from Little Flower School, Jamshedpur, Mr Parasnath, Retired Scientist from NML ,Jamshedpur, Mr Lokesh Rao Senior School Coordinator DAV School, and Mrs Ishita Dey Vice Principal Tarapore School Agrico Jamshedpur. The judges appreciated the presence of mind of the participants and the originality shown in approaching the various topics. The models were judged on the following parameters: Research, Understanding, Innovation, Presentation and Assembling.

Guests  who visited this exhibition’ with a difference’ and  encouraged the students, included  parents , well-wishers, friends, Principals from other schools and members of the School Managing Committee, Honorary Secretary Dr. DP Shukla, Mr Girish  Tiwary among others. They were appreciative of the initiative shown by the students in putting up the models and their understanding of the issues before them.

Hindi Elocution

Class XII Assignment for Unit Test 2

Assignment for unit test-ii AND IInd-TERM,std-xi


States of Matter and Chemical Equilibrium:

1.A student forgot to add the reaction mixture to the round bottomed flask at 270C but instead he placed the flask on the flame.After a lapse of time , he realized his mistake and using a pyrometer he found the temperature of the flask was 4770C.What fraction of air would have been expelled out?

2. Dihydrogen gas used in Haber’s process is produced by reacting methane from natural gas with high temperature steam. The first stage of two stage reaction involves the formation of CO and H2. In second stage, CO formed in first stage is reacted with more steam in water gas shift reaction,

If a reaction vessel at 400°C is charged with an equimolar mixture of CO and steam such

that 4.0 bar, what will be the partial pressure of H2 at equilibrium?

Kp= 10.1 at 400°C.

3. What will be the pressure exerted by a mixture of 3.2 g of methane and 4.4 g of carbon dioxide contained in a 9 dm3 flask at 27 °C ?

4. At a certain temperature and total pressure of 105  Pa, iodine vapour contains 40% by

volume of I atoms

Calculate Kp for the equilibrium.

5. What would be the SI unit for the quantity pV2T 2/n?

6. Bromine monochloride, BrCl decomposes into bromine and chlorine and reaches the


for which Kc= 32 at 500 K.If initially pure BrCl is present at a concentration of 3.3 × 10-3 molL-1, what is its molar concentration in the mixture at equilibrium?

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Annual English Elocution

Class XII Assignment for Unit Test 2

Assignment for Unit Test-ii, Std-xii


Last Date for Submission-05-09-2019


Topic:Chemical Kinetics

1.For a reaction A + B ® Product, the rate low is given by r = k[A]½ [B]2. What is the order of the reaction ?

2.The rate of a particular reaction quadruples when the temperature changes from 293 K to 313 K.Calculate activation energy.

3.If the decomposition of nitrogen oxide as follows a first order kinetics

  • Calculate the rate constant for a 0.05M solution if the instantaneous rate
    is 1.5 ´ 10–6 mol/l/s ?   
  • What concentration of N2O5 would give a rate of 2.45 ´ 10–5 mol L–1 S–1?           

4.The decomposition of hydrocarbon follows the equation                                                         K = (4.5 ´ 1011S–1) e–28000k/T.      Calculate Ea.

5. A reaction is of second order with respect to a reactant. How is the rate of reaction affected if the conc. of the reactant is reduced to half? What is the unit of rate constant for such a reaction?

Topic:Alcohols,Phenols and Ethers

6. How is phenol obtained from aniline ?

7.Ethanol has higher boiling point than methoxy methane. Give reason.

8. How will you convert :

 (i) Phenol to cyclohexanol (ii) Benzene chloride to benzyl alcohol (iii) Anisole to phenol

9. Phenol, when it first reacts with concentrated sulphuric acid, forms Y. The compound, Y is reacted with concentrated nitric acid to form Z. Identify Y and Z and explain why phenol is not converted commercially to Z by reacting it with conc. HNO3 .

10. Ethers are relatively inert. Justify.

11. Lower alcohols are soluble in water, higher alcohols are not. Why ?

12. Give equations of the following reactions :

(i) Oxidation of propan-1-al with alkaline KMnO4 solution.

(ii) Bromine in CS2 with phenol.

(iii) Treating phenol with chloroform in presence of aqueous NaOH.


E-cell launch at MNPS

Kargil Diwas at MNPS

Kargil Diwas was observed this morning at Motilal Nehru Public School with guests Brigadier Ran Vijay Singh and Colonel V.S.Panag, Commanding officer of the 37 Jharkhand Battalion.

The distinguished guests addressed students of classes of VIII, XI and XII.

While Col. Panag reminded students about the tough conditions under which soldiers operate and the kargil war was fought, Brigadier Singh informed students about career opportunities in the defence forces with special emphasis on NCC.  He also added that the noblest task for a soldier is participation in the armed services through the infantry.  Giving details of various fighter planes and sharing his experiences he added that he had initiated Community Traffic Police which was doing quite well in several parts of the country.