Motilal Nehru Public School Alumni Association



Mr.Lokesh Rao, ex-faculty (senior co-ordinator) of Motilal Nehru Public School was the key person who brought together the ex-students of MNPS and formed the MNPS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION in the year 2007. Shazia Raza Khan took the charge and started preparing a folder describing the beginning of the school and MOTILAL NEHRU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, its initial activities and founder members.



Review of Badminton match:

Date:     03/07/2010 Venue:  Motilal Nehru Public School Time:     12:00pm

A very pleasant Saturday morning in July, as you can say a perfect atmosphere for an outdoor activity. The enthusiasm and zeal were there, as it was a badminton tournament, specially organized for M.N.P.S faculty members, by the passed out batch of 2008. It was the first and very honest attempt made by the students to recollect some of the past memories of the campus and to again share some time with their gurus for life. The student’s team gathered at 9:00 am for the badminton tournament. It was a one day tournament, with two knock-out rounds, in mixed doubles, followed by 4 semi-final matches, and the Final !! The player’s, started assembling, almost all looked very sporty, in spite of the fact that many were playing for the first time or after a very long duration. Matches started with some exceptional display of shots and tricks. After 3 hours hard play, the winners were declared. The teachers once again blessed their beloved students.
By- Alumnus

Piyush Parashar

(2008, ISC batch)


Summer camp for students of M.N.P.S

The alumni of Motilal Nehru Public School, in view of the mutual benefit of the school, the alumni and the children, organized a summer camp, “Radiance” from 9th May to 13th May, 2011. It was a camp for kids of classes 4 to 6.

The camp aimed to provide a nice learning experience to children and utilize some days of the vacation in enriching them in extra-curricular activities. This was also an opportunity for ex-students to re-connect with the school and thus foster the alumni spirit. On all the five days, members of the school alumni association were present in Jamshedpur. Fees of Rs. 500 for the summer camp were collected from the participating students. It was used for meeting the expenses of organizing the daily activities and the remaining amount was saved by the alumni authorities for future events and alumni affairs.

By- Alumnus Namrata Agarwal

(2007, ICSE Batch)

Seminar On career options after 12th for Commerce students

Objective :- To empower the students about options & prospects available for them in the field of commerce and help them choose the right path to success.

Activities carried out :-

  1. Simple test based on the students knowledge to judge their interest.
  2. Giving them knowledge regarding various courses.
  3. Helping them in choosing the best of the available resources.
  4. Giving them through knowledge about chartered accountancy & other chartered courses available in India with good opportunities.
  5. Helping them choose the best course and pursue it from hometown if possible by educating them about classes by India’s best faculty from New Delhi via satellite.
  6. Followed by scholarship test organized and scholarship given for CA –CPT course by ESP( early start program).
  7. Our team tried best to eradicate all the queries of the student by personal carrier. counseling and query session for each student personally as and when required.

Resource Person Conducted This Seminar

  1. CA Nandan jaluka
  2. Saurabh Jawanpuria
  3. Navneet Agarwal
  4. Manish choudhary
  5. CA team


(2005, ICSE BATCH)


There was something special in the air on Annual Alumni Meet on 3rd July, 2011, the day reserved for the magic of reunion. This function was a reunion between the alumni and their former classmates. It’s about a reunion between them and their alma mater, the institute that helped shape their future. It provided an opportunity to revoke nostalgia. All of us have fond memories of our times at MOTILAL NEHRU PUBLIC SCHOOL. None of us can actually remember the many lectures, tutorials and the examinations. The memories are made of housemates, classmates, meals we prepared, and drinks we shared. That was the time we shared more than friendship, we shared our dreams of a future that we are now living.The evening started with the lighting of lamp by Dr. D.P. Shukla, Secretary, school managing committee.

Alumnus Namrata Agarwal delivered the welcome speech, which was followed by an encouraging piece of oration by Dr. Shukla. Apoorv Raj then presented songs about life and friendship. Vikrant Anand, present secretary of the school alumni association read out the annual report and future prospects of the organization. Mrs. Ashu Tiwary, the Principal also addressed the students and wished them luck for the future. Then it was time for the ex-students to share anecdotes and school-time memories with their friends.

With the alumni association poised to be registered in the near future, and considering the need for transparency in proceedings, the elections for the office bearers of the alumni association were also held. The following ex-students were elected for various posts.

  1. President – Md. Kazim Siddiqui(2006, ISC batch)
  2. Vice President – Manish Singh Rathore (2005, ISC isc batch)

iii. Secretary – Vikrant Anand (2004, ISC batch)

  1. Joint Secretary – Apoorv Raj (2007, ISC batch)
  2. Treasurer – Shazia Raza Khan (2005, ISC batch)

The by-laws of the association were also read out for everyone’s approval before being legalized. The programme was anchored by ex-students Md. Kazim Siddiqui and Puja Sharma.

By- alumni Namrata Agarwal (2007, ICSE batch)

Apoorv Raj (2009, ISC batch)

Seminar on global accountancy & globaL finance courses

Date: 9th July 2011, Timings: 11 am to 12.30 pm, Venue: M.N.P.S.

Alumni association organized a seminar on Global Accountancy and Global Financial Courses for commerce students pursuing graduation in any year.

The seminar was addressed by CA Anand Singh. This seminar was organized so as to enable the commerce graduate students and those pursuing to know the various aspects of global finance & accountancy courses and their requirement. It was a good session of 3hrs wherein the followings/events were conducted.

  1. Welcome of our speaker CA Anand Singh by the alumni members.
  2. Which was followed by welcome speech and introduction of our speaker by Mr. Saurabh Jawanpuria ex- student MNPS.
  3. Then the session was taken by CA Anand Singh who told students about the carrier aspects and opportunities available for global courses which included mainly two courses

CPA – Certified Public Accountant (U.S.)

CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst (U.S)

  1. Then queries of students were answered
  2. Then the memento of appreciation was awarded to CA Anand Singh & Mr. Saurabh Jawanpuria for their work to make this event a success

This seminar was attended by many students including other school students also

Conducted & Managed (from Kolkata to Jamshedpur) – Mr. Saurabh Jawanpuria

By- Saurabh Jawanpuria

(2005, ICSE batch)

Cricket Match was organized by the alumni association of Motilal Nehru Public School on a day when we Indians celebrate as Teachers’ day i.e. on 5th sept, as a mark of respect to our beloved teachers, and also to commemorate Dr. S. Radha krishnan, the pioneer of education of modern India. This match was a novel attempt by alumni to encourage goodwill between students and teachers through the friendly match-up.

The photograph on slides speaks volumes about the achievements of the school students. An Alumnus, Abhishek Chaudhary has been featured in February 2015 issue of The Forbes as one among India’s 30 under 30 youth brigade

alumni meet


cricket match


Vishal kumar

Pursuing PhD from British Colombia university, Canada

Vice president

Manish kumar Singh Rathore

Pursuing Engineering from SRM, Chennai.


Vikrant Anand

Pursuing Engineering from NIT, Jamshedpur.


Shazia Raza Khan

Fashion Designer from IIFT, Jamshedpur .