The school uniform must be clean and in good order. Students whose appearance is disorderly or dirty may be sent home.

School Tie: Must be worn from September to February.


Pre-primary boys & girls Red T-shirts with School monogram, blue shorts / trousers / skirts. Black shoes, Red socks with lining. During winter all girls& boys may wear trousers.
Std. I to X Light blue shirt, blue pant/ skirt black shoes, white socks with blue lining, shoes with laces(No fancy shoes)
Class XI and XII Blue trousers with pleats with ankle width of atleast 17″ / tunic, Blue stripped shirt, white socks with blue lining,shoes with laces.
Winter: Sweaters V Neck Red colour for Boys and Girls – available at uniform house.
Dark Blue Coats allowed for students of 9th,10′”and Plus Two classes.
In Primary sections all boys & girls to wear full length trousers during winter.
Shade Nos. High School Shirt : Co ordinates, 526,
Plus Two shirt School innings : (P/C) 010128,
Trousers for all classes : Economy’58’ Plain Suiting 01110.
P.T(Uniform required for the students of

std. I to std. X

All white dress (shirt, pant, skirt, blouse, white shoes) Ties need not be worn with the P.T. uniform.
Important Boys must have a proper hair cut, hair ends well above the shirt collar and a clean shaven face. All girls must have their hair neatly tied. During Winter months students of the Pre Primary & Primary Sections must wear trousers.

Note: Blue trousers with pleats (No narrow, low waist or tight fitted trousers). Fancy Shoes and Fancy Buckle belts are permitted.

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