1. Students will be admitted at the beginning of a new academic session i.eMarch after qualifying the selection test for admission.
2. Students admitted to standard 1 and above must produce a transfer certificate from the school last attended. Admission to classes other than Nursery depends on vacancies.
3. An attested copy of the Birth Certificate must be submitted to the school office during admission.Original birth certificate is also to be shown at the time of taking admission. Date of birth once recorded will not be changed.
4. False declaration of a student’s age is a disqualification for admission and subsequent discovery by the school authorities of such false declaration would be enough ground for dismissal.
5. ANYONE offering donations or pressurising the administration for admission through recommendation will automatically be debarred from admission.
6. Electronic Clearing Service Mandate is compulsory for every student. It saves time and unnecessary delay in payments. It is therefore directed that all students adopt this mode of payment.

1. A month’s notice or a month’s fee in lieu thereof is required prior to the withdrawal of any child from the school.
2. A written application forwarded to the Principal is required for the Transfer Certificate which will be issued on payment of a fee of Rs. 100/- besides the payment of all other dues of the school. T.C.will be issued after one week from the issue of the money receipt.
3. In an emergency T.C.wi II be issued on the third day from the issue of money receipt of Rs.100/- and in very urgent condition Rs. 500/- will be charged.
4. Any other kind of certificate will be issued on the payment of Rs.50/- along with a written application forwarded to the Principal on third day from the issue of the money receipt.

1. Every student is expected to be present in the school by 7.30 a.m. Under no circumstances habitual late comers will be allowed. Late coming of more than 3 times shall entail in the student being sent home.
2. If a student is absent for more than 3 days without informing the school authorities his/her name may be dropped from the roll. If the absence is due to sickness a medical certificate to that effect should be submitted within three days of absence.After an illness a student should produce a doctor’s certificate stating that he/she is fit to join school.
3. Parents are requested to keep home their children who feel feverish or otherwise ill.
4. For any long leave to be taken by the students, the Co-ordinators must be informed earlier and a sanction for the leave must be obtained.
5. Every student must be present on the first day of school at the start of the new academic session in March/April. Failure to report to school on the first day will be treated as withdrawal.
6. Every student must be present on the reopening day after the vacations. Illness of a student who is out of Jamshedpur on the day of reopening of school after holidays may not be accepted as a reason for excusing the student. Failure to notify the school of absence before reopening day will be treated as withdrawal. Names of students absent without information will be deleted from the register. The Principal may or may not readmit after realizing a fine of Rs.500/- from such students to the school.
7. Students are not allowed to leave the school during the school hours.ln case of emergency the parents should inform the office and fill in the early departure form. Under no circumstance should students leave the school campus without prior permission from theconcerning authorities.
8. If a student is unwell or hurt, the school will give first-aid and inform the parent through the telephone. In such cases a contact phone very essential which the parent should write in the diary.
9. At least 90% attendance is a must for every child. In Class X / XII students with less than 75% attendance will not be permitted to take up the Board Exams.

The present course of study in MNPS is based on the curriculum prescribed by the CISCE.The medium of instruction is English; however, Hindi has a vital role in the curriculum and is,therefore,taught everyday. Studentsare being prepared finally to appear for ICSE and ISC. The curriculum includes Ethics, English Literature, English Language, Hindi, Sanskrit, History & Civics, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Commerce, Accounts, Business Studies, Economics,GK,Computer Scienceand Environmental Education. Parents will make class teaching more valuable if they speak correct English and Hindi to their child at home. Since the mode of instruction is English,a high standard of English is required for success. Therefore,the use of English in the school campus is essential. To ensure holistic education, various activities and hobbies are conducted as a part of the education offered. Two periods on the time table are devoted to this and provision for the teaching of these skills is made for by the school.The hobbies include Vocal Music, Instrumental Music (Guitar and Casio), Fine Art, Eco Club, Astronomy Club, Literary Club, Scouts/ Guides / Cubs /Bulbuls, Science Club, NCC, Computer Club, Karate, Theatre, Yoga, Band, Athletics, Dance, Chess, Quiz Club, Maths Club & Heritage Club.
Students of Classes IX, X, XI & XII must be a member of Jyoti, Interact,Safe, Ethics Club or UNESCO Club.
It is compulsory for every student to take part in curricular & Co-curricular activities organised by the school.

Unit Tests will be held as per schedule included in the Diary for classes III to XII. All unit tests should be written on the prescribed unit test paper made available with school stationery.There will be 2 Term Exams before the Puja holidays & Final Exams in the month of February. Report Cards will be issued thrice a year. Parents are requested to examine the report cards carefully & see that their children make a special effort to study those subjects in which they are weak.The dates for issuing these reports are indicated in the School Calendar. Corrected answer scripts are returned after all tests except the Terminal & Final exam.
The Average marks of the Unit Tests, 1st Term, 2nd Term & Final Exams will be taken into consideration for promotion to the next class.
All examinations must be answered by every student. If a student for any reason misses a test, a RE-TEST will not be taken. Failure to answer a test/examination will affect the student’s average of the final result at the time of promotion. This in turn, may adversely affect his/her promotion.The average of all the marks in the year will be considered and not just the final exam marks.This is done to encourage serious and consistent work.
The pass marks for every subject in High School is 40% for all classes. A student is allowed to repeat the class only once during his tenure in school.
Any effort of cheating in the examination will be dealt with severely. The paper of that subject gets cancelled and the child will be debarred from answering further tests.
In Std. XI, a student must pass in all five subjects. Promotion will be based on the year’s average. Those who do not fulfill the promotion criteria will be asked to discontinue.


Unit test : 20
Term Exam : 70
Project/Oral : 05
Notebook : 05
Pass Marks in each subject for all classes : 40 out of 100

To get rank in the class in the high school a student :
1. Must appear in both Unit Test and Term Exam
2. Has to score more than 40 marks in all subjects and.
3. Should pass in Public Speaking and SUPW (High School) & Ethics

1. Students of higher classes along with faculty & staff are responsible for the good order of the school.
2. If a student’s behavior is detrimental to other students and the atmosphere of the school, the Principal has a right to remove the student from the rolls of the school or class.
3. Irregular attendance, bad conduct, disobedience or cheating during exams justify dismissal.
4. Matters of discipline are to be discussed with Principal/Vice Principal only.
5. Demerit slips are issued to students who despite warning fail to show any improvement. Demerit slips are to be duly signed by the parent/guardian & returned to the Principal. Issue of demerit slips shall entail suspension for 1 day/2 days & 15 days in case of 3rd demerit slip.
6. A student having received a maximum of 3 demerit slips will be liable to being expelled from the school.
7. Every student is expected to attend school in neat and clean prescribed school uniform.
8. Students are expected to show respect to their teachers and maintain a friendly relationship with other students. 9. Every student must take care of school property. Any damage will be penalized with a fine.
10. Every student is expected to do his/her work regularly and follow the instructions given in the school.
11. Punctuality, neatness, courtesy and decent conduct are insisted upon.
12. Any action likely to lower the image of the school or authority is regarded as violation of school’s discipline and it is sufficient reason for expulsion.
13. Shouting, whistling and running in the school premises is forbidden.
14. Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones, ipods or other electronic gadgets to school. Once confiscated, they will not be returned.

• Counseling
• Verbal Reminders
• Special Assignments or Duties
• Partial or complete denial of attendance and/or participation in extracurricular activities.
• Demerit slips
• Detention
• Temporary removal from class
• Parent conference
• Suspension
• Expulsion
• Calling the police
• Filing a criminal complaint
• Other reasonable actions created by unforeseeable special circumstances.

1. Please read the diary thoroughly and adhere to the rules.
2. Compulsory Reading Programme has been introduced for the students of classes I to XII to develop spoken and written English skills. Parents are advised to refer to the CRP guidelines mentioned in the diary.
3. The school expects the parents to co-operate with the school for the proper development of the child, If at all it is realized that the parent does not take interest,we shall be forced to remove the child.
4. Parents must regularly check the work of the children and ensure that regular home work is done.The school diary should be regularly checked by parents.
5. All home work including the diary should be signed by the parents daily.
6. All tests, report cards, notices must be signed by the parents/ guardians.
7. In case of any problem parents/guardian may meet the Principal/Teachers on the ‘OPEN DAY* i.e. last Saturday of the month,timing for which Is 8:30 am to 9:30 a.m. 8. No student is allowed to go to his/her own subject teacher for tuition.
9. Make every effort to provide for the safety, physical, mental and emotional needs of the child.
10. Teach the child to focus on the instruction provided and to meet behavior expectations.
11. Participate in meaningful parent-teacher conferences.
12. Participate in school related programs.
13. Cooperate with school administrators and teachers.
14. Control the child. A student’s parent/guardian is legally liable for property damage caused by
(a) The negligent conduct of the student if such conduct is reasonably attributable to the negligent failure of the parent/guardian to exercise that duty,or
(b) The willful or malicious conduct of a student.
15. The school is not responsible for personal articles of the students. Name must be written on the articles used by the students. Bringing costly articles must be avoided.
16. Information about any change of address or phone number must be immediately given to the school office and change noted down in the diary.
17. Please fill up the first three pages of the diary for record purpose. The photo should remain intact on the diary throughout the session.
18. T.C: The T.C. will be Issued only if the child has studied in this school for a minimum period of 6 months from his/ her date of admission.This will be given within 3 days of applying for T.C.

• Please do not send your child to school in overcrowded Vans/Auto Rickshaws.
• Please ensure that the Van/Auto Rickshaws do not run on LPG Cylinders.
• Students of only classes XI & XII may bring two wheelers (gearless) provided they have a valid license& use a helmet.Defaulters will be issued TC.

1. All students must know that in case of any emergency outside school,you may dial 100 for help (Prefix 0657 of using a mobile no.)
2. In the event of a fire or at the sound of the fire alarm, classes will move quietly to the exits which are clearly indicated outside all rooms.
3. Students not in class should proceed to the nearest exit and rejoin the class immediately.
4. Students should not panic and leave the building in an orderly and quiet manner.
5. Students must not re-enter the school until they have heard three short rings sounded on the school bell.
6. In the event of an internal/external threat, an announcement will be made to secure all classes. Students are to move to the nearest classroom, doors are to be locked, everyone is to be away from the door and silence must be maintained until further instructions are given.
7. Students are advised not to touch/tamper any naked electrical wire and report the same immediately to the teacher.
8. In case of thunder, lightening, heavy rainfall, students are advised to stay inside the class room.

Library use is a privilege. Students should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner if they wish to use this facility. No material should leave the library without being signed out.
The Library is open every school day from 7.30 2.00 p.m.
Every class from II – XII is allotted ONE library period per week. The students can use the library, read newspapers and magazine, consult reference books and issue the books during their library periods. The books can be returned to the library at any time. Besides the students may utilize the library during their free time provided no other class is having a library period at that time.
Reference books like encyclopedias and dictionaries will not be issued. These can be consulted in the library during the library period. However, for the purpose of project work and special assignments the. students may get these books on request from the teacher concerned.
The Pre Primary section has class libraries. The class teachers will be provided with enough number of books as per the level which may be utilized during the library period. Magazines for the primary section are separately provided.

The Current school fee schedule is applicable for the school’s current academic year.
All fee payments should be made by the due dates as per norms as indicated in the fee slip.
School reserves the right to revise/amend the fee schedule.
If a guardian fails to pay the school fee for two consecutive months the name of his child will be struck off the rolls and he/she will not be allowed to attend any further classes.