Motilal Nehru Public School is a co-education English Medium school managed by the Motilal Nehru Public School managing committee and sponsored by the U.P. Sangh of Jamshedpur. The basic philosophy and the principles of Panditji  form the guidelines of this institution. Panditji wanted the upliftment of India through Science and western education. Sri Jawaharlal’s upbringing education and culture are the manifestations of Pandit Motilal’s educational philosophy of life. The school will make all efforts to mould and cast children in the framework of above perception.

Principal speaks :The winds of ‘change’ are sweeping across M.N.P.S.. We are absolutely charged and we will make it happen’ is the team spirit .

Education is a continous and creative process and its aim is to develop the capacities latent in human nature and to co-ordinatre their expression for the enrichment and progress of society. we do this by equipping children with spiritual, moral, intellectual and emotional capablities. Enjoy learning, spread your wings and soar high.

with lots of love and best wishes.